Who We Are

Gregg Sanford Sr. CEO

Gregg Sanford Sr

Gregg Sanford Sr is the managing principle, and he insures the smooth operations of the company while in the office. Gregg Sr has been a great leader in paving the way for the growth of the company, you may also see him on a Installation from time to time if he isn't busy with his other business ventures.


Gregg Sanford Jr. Director of Operations

Gregg Sanford gregg adam sanford

Some would say Gregg Sanford Jr or better known as "Fancy Gregg" is the face of the company. Everyone in the industry knows Gregg and values his professional opinion and guidance. Gregg knows the special effects, audio, and lighting design industry and what it takes to transform your business. Gregg brings a new creative and innovative aspect to the industry that cannot be matched, taking every prospective idea from inspiration to installation.


Katelyn Jackson Director of New Business Acquisitions


Kate "Gregg's right hand woman" is an amazing addition to our team here at Studio Light & Sound. She is a known name in the trampoline park industry, and has done an amazing job at new business leads for our team. Without her our emails would not be grammatically correct or make sense, not to mention would go to the wrong people.


Jarrod Haynes Domestic Installations Manager


Jarrod "Jear Bear" is our domestic Installations manager. Jarrod is on the road 100% percent of the time directing our Installations crew. He knows what it takes to complete an amazing installation to our standards.